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      Head Office:
    Add:Wuda Industrial Park,
    Wuhai City, Inner Mongolia China
    Tianjin Marketing Center:
    Add:Yang north road jingjintang highway bridge on the east side,Wuqing District,TianJin China
           About Us

    Wuhai Liang Feng Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. is a Private joint-stock enterprise, located in Wuda industrial park of inner Mongolia. The company covers an area of 80,000 square meters, registered capital of 80 million yuan;existing staff of more than 220, has a strong Technical research team and strict production management system. Relying on the advahtage local coal chemical and salt chemical industry resources of Inner Mongolia ,the production capacity can reach 40,000 tons of refined naphthalene, 30,000 tons of 2 - naphthol, 10,000 tons of 2-hydroxy-3-naphthoic acid,5,000 tons of Tobias acid, 6,000 tons of J-acid,20,000 tons of concrete admixture.
    The first phase of the project , 10000 tons of refined naphthalene and 8000 tons of 2- naphthol production line has been put into use in August ,2009. The second phase of the project , refined naphthalene production will be expanded to 40000 tons, 2- naphthol will be expanded to 30000 tons, and 20000 tons of concrete admixture projects will be completed and put into use in April ,2014; the project of to bias acid, J-acid and 2,3 acid will be put into use by the end 0f 2014. According to the projections, annual output value will rise to about 20~25 billion yuan, profit of 3~4 billion yuan, and create more economic benefits for society.
    We adhere to the guidelines of “high-efficient work reliable credibility ”all the time. compay is “Quality first . customer supreme ”as concept. .
    We sincerely invite domestic and international people from various industries to visit & guide& cooperate. Let’s create harmonious social for win-win, create a wonderful world together!

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